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Black Hat  USA 1999

Black Hat USA 1999

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation See It Hear It
Keynote Presentation - Black Hat USA 1999
William R. Cheswick
Security Ideas From All Over

William R. Cheswick
The Internet Mapping Project

Dr. Jeffrey A. Hunker
Introduction by John Davis
Protecting America’s Cyberspace: Version 1.0 of the National Plan
Dr. Mudge
Bruce Schneier
Mistakes and Blunders: A Hacker Looks At Cryptography
Technical Track - Black Hat USA 1999
Security Issues Affecting Internet Transit Points and Backbone Providers
David Bovee
VPN Architectures: Looking at the Complete Picture

Dominique Brezinski
Building a Forensic Tool kit That Will Protect You From Evil Influences
Ed Gerck
Overview of Certification Systems: x.509, CA, PGP and SKIP
JD Glaser
Auditing NT - Catching Greg Hoglund
Brent Huston
Appliance Firewalls: A Detailed Review
DNS Security Issues
Eric Schultze & George Kurtz
Over the Router, Through the Firewall, to Grandma’s House We Go
Peter Shipley & Tom Jackiewicz
Security Issues with Implementing and Deploying the LDAP Directory System
Simple Nomad
Modern NetWare Hacking
General Track - Black Hat USA 1999
Sarah Gordon
Viruses in the Information Age
Greg Hoglund
1000 Hackers in a Box: Failings of "Security Scanners."
Larry Korba
Hope, Hype, Horrors... E-Commerce Explored
Marcus Ranum
Burglar Alarms and Booby Traps
Jeremy Rauch
How rResponsive are Vendors to Security Problems When They Aren't Being Pressured by Someone Threatening To Go Public?
Mike Schiffman
The Firewalk Tool
Eugene Schultz
Security Issues with Configuring and Maintaining an IIS 4 Server
Adam Shostack
Towards A Taxonomy of Network Security Testing Techniques
Peter Stephenson
Introduction to Cyber Forensic Analysis
Panel: Competitive Intelligence
Moderated by Sangfroid.
Pannelists include: Dr. Mudge, Mike Schiffman, Batz, Jeremy Rauch, Dean Turner, Space Rogue, Sir Distic

White Hat Track - Black Hat USA 1999
Scott Culp
Building a Security Response Process

Jon David
Putting Intrusion Detection into Intrusion Detection Systems
Jennifer Grannick
Forensic Issues in Hacker Prosecutions

Rob Karas
Open Source Monitoring
Jim Litchko
Total BS Security: Business-based Systems Security
Teresa Lunt
Taxonomy of Intrusion Detection Systems
Padgett Peterson
Overlooked Local Attack Techniques
G. Alec Tatum, III & Rich Alu
Managing the External Environment

Ira Winkler
The issues Surrounding The Hiring of "Hackers."

Rebecca Base
Security (or the lack thereof) and "Our Friends In Redmond"

Panel - John Davis, William Ozier
Overview of risk of your corporate infrastructure.  They will then discuss what are the concerns from external & internal viewpoints with management and technical points of concern

Black Hat USA 1998

Black Hat USA 1998

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation
See It Hear It
Keynote Presentation - Black Hat USA 1998
Marcus Ranum
How to REALLY Secure the Internet

Bruce Schneier
Mistakes and Blunders: A Hacker Looks at Cryptography

no media available
Richard Thieme
Convergence -- Every Man (and Woman) a Spy

no media available
Technical Track - Black Hat USA 1998
Dominique Brezinski
Penetrating NT Networks Through Information Leaks and Policy Weaknesses

Presentation Notes!

Text File

6k , #2, #3, #4, #5

John Bailey
SOCKS, PPTP & IPSec: Implementation & Futures

Ian Goldberg
Cell Phone Security: A History and The State of the Art

Dr. Mudge
Problems with VPN Technologies

no media available
Tom Ptacek
Problems with Intrusion Detection Systems

no media available
General Track - Black Hat USA 1998
Jennifer Granick
What's Different About Evidence in Computer Crime litigation

Patrick Richard
Open Network PKI Design Issues or “Business as Usual

Bruce K. Marshall
Statistical Analysis of Reusable Password Systems and Their Alternatives

Ira Winkler
Information Security: Beyond the Hype

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Black Hat USA 1997

Black Hat USA 1997

Speaker/Topic Presentation
Tools Hear It
Keynote Presentation - Black Hat USA 1997
Richard Thieme

Speaker/Presentation - Black Hat USA 1997
Dominique Brezinski
Security Posture Assessment (SPA) of Windows NT Networks

Miles Connley
Firewalls: Not Enough of a Good Thing

no media available
Chris Goggans
Internet Attack Methodologies

Microsoft LM athentication, CIFS, and All Kinds of Password Problems

Ray Kaplan
Meet The Enemy

Secure Coding Practices and Source Code Analysis

Secure Implementations of  ActiveX in a Corporate Environment

Building the Business Case for Management for Increased Security

Jeremy Rauch
Security Implications of Distributed Network Management

TCP/IP Insecurities
Text File Tools

Download DOS.tgz
Download sniff.tgz
Download misc.tgz
Download Phrack 48, 49, and 50

Bruce Schneier
Why Cryptograpy is Harder Than it Looks

Peter Shipley
Securing your Network with Free Utilities

Adam Shostack
Code Reviews: Making them Worthwhile

no media available
Denial of Service Attacks, and Defensive Strategies

Ira Winkler
Who are the Real Black Hats?

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