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A Pentester's Intro to Attacking ICS SCADA - Tripp Roybal (@GMRoybal_III).mp464.3 MiB2017-Sep-20 02:47
A ROP Primer - Pandatrax.mp4100.7 MiB2017-Sep-20 03:03
CC13-Badge Guide.pdf2.7 MiB2017-Sep-20 21:18
CTFs - Not Just for Halo - Ray & Clayton.mp467.9 MiB2017-Sep-20 03:14
Forgotten History of Cyberwar - Sean Pierce (@secure_sean).mp450.6 MiB2017-Sep-20 03:27
Getting Started with PowerShell or One Tool to Hack them all - Michael Wharton.mp4120.0 MiB2017-Sep-20 03:43
Hacking The Invasion of Things (or as my wife calls it, what did you spend our money on this time).mp481.4 MiB2017-Sep-20 03:57
HoneyPy & HoneyDB - Phillip Maddux.mp445.0 MiB2017-Sep-20 04:05
How to Patch Stupid - A modern approach to remediating user risk - Joshua Crumbaugh.mp459.1 MiB2017-Sep-20 04:36
How to buy illegal stuff online - QR & Vic.mp463.0 MiB2017-Sep-20 04:21
OpSec for InfoSec - Justin Nordine.mp468.3 MiB2017-Sep-20 04:49
So you want to learn Machine Learning - John F. Davis.mp477.1 MiB2017-Sep-20 05:19
Testing Phone Systems - I can come up with something better later - Owen.mp455.9 MiB2017-Sep-20 05:41
The Unofficial Security Enthusiast's Meme Filled Guide of Breaking Into InfoSec - Josh Huff.mp439.7 MiB2017-Sep-20 05:48
smrk3r - RFID is dead_ long live RFID!.mp455.7 MiB2017-Sep-20 05:02