1) CIVIL 1203

       - Temporary and permanent injunctions, but in no event impose a prior

           restraint on free speech or the press protected by the 1st Amendment.

          - Order impounding of any device or product involved in the violation.

          - Award damages (money)

                    i) Actual damages and loss of profits

                   ii) Statutory damages of not less than $200.00 or greater than


          - Recover the costs of defending the infringement

          - Attorney fees to the prevailing party

          - Order the modification or destruction of the device or product

          - Treble (triple) damages for repeat violators


            Court can reduce damages if violator was not aware and had no reason

             to believe the acts  constituted violation. (Innocent violator)


2) CRIMINAL 1204

          - violate DMCA willfully and for purposes of commercial advantage

            or private financial gain

First Offense - Fine of up to $500,000.00; up to 5 years in prison; or both

Subsequent Offenses - Fine of up to $1 million; up to 10 years in prison; or both

5 year Statute of Limitations (must be indicted within 5 years of the act)

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