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OpenOtto File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
config.h [code]
include/otto/addr.h [code]Network address formats
include/otto/control.h [code]Control command definitions for otto drivers (device and otherwise)
include/otto/data.h [code]Data parameter definitions
include/otto/device.h [code]OBD2 data link implementation
include/otto/iso.h [code]ISO9141 and ISO14230 packet formats and identifier defintions
include/otto/msg.h [code]Message definitions for three byte header
include/otto/otto.h [code]Header file for OpenOtto functions
include/otto/packet.h [code]Network packet formats
include/otto/query.h [code]Methods for querying tables of parameters, addresses, etc
include/otto/vin.h [code]Header file for OpenOtto VIN functions
src/apps/ottod.cOpenOtto interface driver daemon
src/apps/ottotest.cTest application for OpenOtto/libobd2
src/drivers/dummy.cDummy device driver
src/drivers/llc.h [code]Header for software LLC (logical link control) decode
src/drivers/llc_pwm.cSoftware LLC for PWM bus
src/drivers/llc_serial.cUser space interface for software data link devices on a serial port
src/drivers/llc_vpw.cSoftware LLC for VPW bus
src/drivers/otto_serial.cOpenOtto serial interface kernel module. Implements kernel portion of driver for VPW and PWM bus types
src/drivers/uart_serial.cISO 9141 data link layer protocol
src/example/dispatch.cExample dispatcher routine for received packets
src/lib/adr.cOBD2 address manipulation routines
src/lib/device.cDevice interface routes
src/lib/dtc.cDiagnostic trouble code routines
src/lib/packet.cPacket manipulation routines
src/lib/pktdecode.cDecode packet into human readable string for logging

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