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otto_driver Struct Reference

OBD2 physical interface device driver. More...

#include <device.h>

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Public Attributes

char * name
 Driver name.

char * desc
 Driver description.

char * author
 Driver author.

char * license
 Driver license.

otto_device *(* open )(const char *)
int(* close )(struct otto_device *)
int(* write )(struct otto_device *, int, union otto_packet *)
int(* read )(struct otto_device *, int, union otto_packet *)
int(* control )(struct otto_device *, int, void *, int)
 Pointer to list of devices open on this driver.

 Next pointer for device list.

Detailed Description

OBD2 physical interface device driver.



Member Data Documentation

char* otto_driver::author

Driver author.

int(* otto_driver::close)(struct otto_device *)

int(* otto_driver::control)(struct otto_device *, int, void *, int)

char* otto_driver::desc

Driver description.

struct otto_device* otto_driver::dev_first

Pointer to list of devices open on this driver.

char* otto_driver::license

Driver license.

char* otto_driver::name

Driver name.

struct otto_driver* otto_driver::next

Next pointer for device list.

struct otto_device*(* otto_driver::open)(const char *)

int(* otto_driver::read)(struct otto_device *, int, union otto_packet *)

int(* otto_driver::write)(struct otto_device *, int, union otto_packet *)

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