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Todo List

Class otto_driver


Class otto_llc_format
have encode/decode able to work with arbitrary number of pulses (vpw needs 1, pwm needs 2)

pass previous pulse to encode symbol, if useful?

Class otto_parameter_value
decoded slot value

File control.h
get/set timeouts?

Member otto_dtc_tostring (union otto_dtc *dtc, char *str, size_t size)
encode/decode numeric slot

decode state encoded slot state

Member otto_close (struct otto_device *dev)
remove dev from dev->drv->dev_first list

Member otto_open (const char *name, const char *fname)
add dev to dev->drv->dev_first list

File iso.h
key byte composition

all remaining packet formats

What is the value for this?

File otto.h
higher level stuff, like fuel efficiency and dyno

Member otto_findpacket (union otto_packet *pkt, int *start, int *len)
rework without so many memcpys

File ottotest.c
use readline

init device, loop allowing input of arbitrary packet as hex bytes

File dummy.c

Member pwm_decode_symbol (const struct otto_llc_pulse bit)

Member pwm_encode_symbol (struct otto_llc_pulse *bit, const enum otto_llc_symbol sym, const struct otto_llc_pulse bit_prev, const enum otto_llc_symbol sym_prev)

File llc_serial.c

Member llc_serial_open (const char *fname)
open file descriptor, setup kernel device

File uart_serial.c
keep alive?

maintain list of open devices?

keep timestamp of last rx?

Member uart_serial_write (struct otto_device *dev, int bus, union otto_packet *pkt)
if partial packet, abort write? (how to handle many garbage characters? timeout as well?)

Member uart_serial_write_half_duplex (int fd, const void *buf, size_t count)
save read data in case match is wrong

drain read buffer before writing

File device.c
allocate/free otto_device/otto_bus structures dynamically in this lib

Member otto_dtc_tostring (union otto_dtc *dtc, char *str, size_t size)
use DTC character PRN

File pktdecode.c
packet cmd/rsp -> PRN -> SLOT -> data

also decode into array of scaled/translated parameters

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