II. Using CryptoMail Client

The main client window allows you to perform Email functions with the Client Menu, the Folders Browser, the Email Message Browser, and the Management Toolbar.

CryptoMail Client Window
CryptoMail Client

Composing a Message

You click on the "New Message" icon in the Message Viewer window to bring up the "New Message" window for composing a new Email message.

  1. Click on the "New Message" icon New Message in the main window of the CryptoMail Client or the Email viewing window.
  2. Use the "New Message" window on your screen to compose your Email message.
  3. Click on the "Send Message" icon Send Message in the "New Message" window to send your composed Email message to the targeted recipients.

Addressing a Message

In CryptoMail Client, you are able to send your Email message to a single or multiple addresses.

Primary recipients of your Email message.
Carbon copy, for secondary recipients.
Blind carbon copy, for secondary recipients not identified to the other recipients, including those in the CC list.

Sending to multiple recipients, you place a space ( ) or a comma (,) character between the Email addresses.

Note: an Email message addressed with one or more persons outside the CryptoMail Email System will not be encrypted. Also the subject of the message is NOT ENCRYPTED, so you should limit / not use any discourse within the subject item.


Reading a Message

All incoming messages are saved in the "inbox" folder (shown on the left side of the CryptoMail Client's main window).

Main Folders

  1. Select the "inbox" folder to list incoming Email messages.
  2. Double click on a Email message line in the list to bring up a Message Viewer window on your screen.

An icon next to each Email message shows the status for new and opened Email messages to you.

New Message New Message - new incoming Email message and have not be read.

Open Message Opened Message - opened Email message and already read.


Replying To a Message

When you are reading any Email message in your mail box, you can reply to the Email message in three different ways.


Finishing Your Email Session

When you finish your session with CryptoMail Service, we recommend that you logout from the service.

  1. Click on the "Logout" icon Logout in the main window of the CryptoMail Client to log out from the service and go to a logout page.