What is InfoCon?

InfoCon is a community supported, non-commercial archive of all the past hacking related convention material that can be found.


The Dark Tangent in 2014 was building a collection of past conventions to give away at his "hard disk duplication village" at DEF CON. In doing so many in the community wanted access to the archive year round, to be able to add to it, and to help by hosting part or all of it. While you could go hunt down all the videos yourself on YouTube, con websites, and the Internet Archives, doing so is time consuming. Wouldn't it be better, like a public library, have all the con materials mirrored in one location? InfoCon is born!


InfoCon is managed by a small (but growing) group of volunteers, and was started with the support of The Dark Tangent.

How can I help?

There are a couple ways you can help InfoCon, first at over 5TB in size InfoCon is too large and (currently) on too small bandwidth for everyone to leech at full speed. To solve this all files are available over bittorrent. To really share the knowledge we are looking for companies, groups, and individuals to bittorrent as much as possible and keep your seeds alive.

Second, you can email us [info] @ [infocon.org] information and links to any missing archives we don't currently host and we'll be happy to get them mirrored. Also, if you see errors or mistakes please let us know and we'll do our best to make corrections.

What do I get out of helping?

If you commit to be an InfoCon bittorrent mirror we will promote you on our InfoCon supporters page and not only can you sleep at night knowing you are helping spread the hard work of all the speakers and organizes of past hacking conferences but also users the world over will thank you.