CyDefe Labs quick update

It's been a crazy past month for CyDefe Labs. We have almost 600 players now, tons of new challenges, and some awesome partnerships we are working on. Partnerships such as working with the Midwest Cyber Center as well as Dragos Inc. We also have great content on the way for all of our players and we cant wait to show it off. If you like the content we have produced so far you are going to really enjoy what is coming down the pipeline.

What do we have in store for our amazing players? We have more reverse engineering challenges, brand new ICS related challenges, and a live environment with network traffic to analyze and windows boxes to exploit. The live environment will be hosted by the Midwest Cyber Center, and the ICS related content will be provided by Dragos Inc. A big thank you to both of those partners for their contributions to our platform.

We will also be pumping out more tool usage tutorial on our CyDefe blog so keep and eye for them as well. A few of those tutorials just may help you solve a handful of our challenges, and some of them will be general good to know tools. Either way you will learn something new.

If you are interested in submitting content we would love to have it. Players can submit blog posts, or challenges for our players. If you do submit content you will be listed as a content creator and we will highlight your awesome contributions to our free infosec training platform.

If you want to help keep CyDefe labs running please either donate to our Patreon at or buy some swag at 

As always a big thank you to all our players, keep checking back every week for our new content., and happy hacking everyone.