Fing, a little app with alot to offer

Many users don't know how to audit or properly troubleshoot their network due to overly complicated applications or they are unsure where to start. Fing assists with these tasks and helps simplify them.

Fing takes the power of traditional PC based audit tools and places them neatly in an easy to use mobile app.  Fing offers a multitude of easy to use functions which allows a user to quickly and accurately audit their network.

These include

  •  Ping - measure the round-trip time for packets sent by Fing to a destination host.
  • Traceroute - identify the hops
  • Domain Lookup - translate a domain name like into IP address, and vice versa.
  • Wake On LAN - wake up devices that may be switched on from the network.
  •  Discover all devices connected to a Wi-Fi network
  •   Display MAC Address and device manufacturer
  •   Full search by IP, MAC, Name, Vendor and Notes
  •  And more

Fing is a free app with a lot of benefits and we at CYDEFE strongly recommend downloading this powerful app. It is a handy tool to add to your network troubleshooting toolbox. With its well laid out user interface and it’s easy to find options every user who utilizes Fing will enjoy their experience.

You can find Fing in the Google Play Store HERE