The Hacking Team Working Timeline

 July 4th

-Attack began

July 5th

-400 GB of data were uploaded. Source codes uploaded to GitHub and audio recordings, emails, documentation, invoices, and source code spread via torrents

July 6th

-Hacking teams twitter was compromised with a tweet stating “help were being attacked” and the attackers continued to tweet for many hours after.

-Phineas Fisher came forward as the attacker.

-A massive client list was discovered which included oppressive regimes some of which they adamantly denied having ties with such as sudan.

July 7th

 -Previously unknown adobe exploit CVE-2015-5119 found by researchers who were combing through data.

-Surveillance software used by clients contains a backdoor which allows Hacking Team to kill software remotely. In addition, all of Hacking Team's software contains a watermark which means operators and victims can potentially be traced

-Apple pulled hacking teams developers cert after it came out that they couldn’t get malware onto ios devices.

July 8th 

-attackers began using the unknown exploit in Neutrino Exploit Kit, the Angler Exploit Kit, and the Nuclear Exploit Kit.

July 9th

 -Wikileaks created a database to comb through all released email.

-Mexico was discovered to be top client.

July 10th

-FireEye discover two more 0 day exploits for adobe flash CVE-2015-5122, CVE-2015-5123