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153 EpisodesProduced by Bret Padres and Ovie Carroll

Hosted by two former federal agents who investigated computer crime, this is a technology Podcast covering Computer Security, Computer Crime and Computer Forensics Topics.

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HackerNinjaScissors - Lauren Pearce - Journey of a Malware Analyst

March 16th, 2017


HackerNinjaScissors --  With Bret Padres.

Today we talk with Lauren Pearce - a member of the IR team and a malware analyst for Los Alamos National Labs.  Lauren shares with us her journey to become …

HackerNinjaScissors - Robert M Lee - Cyber Threat Intel

February 4th, 2017


New show in the Feed!

HackerNinjaScissors --  With Bret Padres.

New CyberSpeak Podcast reboot in the works.  In the mean time check out this new show.

In the inaugural show of HackerNinjaScissors, …

CyberSpeak Aug 31 2015 - SRUM

August 30th, 2015


CyberSpeak is BACK and we hope to publish a monthly podcast (more if I'm lucky).

This episode on CyberSpeak we briefly discuss possible implications to U.S. forensicators with the release of the Ashley Madison database …

CyberSpeak Feb 18, 2013 - Recon Mission

February 18th, 2013


This episode of CyberSpeak we conduct recon on Mark Spencer and his new Windows registry analysis tool Registry Recon.  Mark is the President of

January 2013 CyberSpeak - Solid State Hard Drives Interview w/James Wiebe

February 2nd, 2013


Happy 2013!  I'm back and going to try to start getting some more shows out for you. This show we talk to James Wiebe, Director of Foensic Business …

CyberSpeak May 7, 2012 - Volume Shadow Copies

May 8th, 2012


This episode we discuss running AV and malware detection software on your forensic workstation and have an interview with Corey Harrell and discuss …

CyberSpeak - Special New Tool Release

December 1st, 2011


This special episode of CyberSpeak is an interview with Ken Privette with NUIX about their new tool release this morning called Proof Finder.  They …

CyberSpeak Sep 26 2011 Registry Decoder

September 26th, 2011


This week on CyberSpeak I interview Andrew Case, one of the developers of Registry Decoder, a National Institute of Justice sponsored application. Find it at

CyberSpeak August 28 2011

August 29th, 2011


This week on CyberSpeak, a quick thanks to everyone for pitching in on the ForensicsWiki - I saw over 100 new entries on everything from Sticky notes, mounting images, jump lists to people's BIOS.  Jim Emailed asking …

CyberSpeak August 21, 2011

August 21st, 2011


CYBERSPEAK Notes - Aug 21st, 2011


I attended a nice Apple Forensic Event this week in Reston VA - Saw a lot of friends and had a good time.  Ryan gave a great presentation on Apple forensics.  Ryan runs the …

CyberSpeak August 15, 2011

August 15th, 2011


This week on CyberSpeak, Luby and Jared Save the GMail Planet, Detective Garcia uncovers Fraud on Sesame Street.  Congrats to the Secret Service

CyberSpeak August 8 2011

August 8th, 2011


Chris Hanesn caught cheating...on his mistress Launch of the CDFS, DFirst starts this week and more.

CyberSpeak July 18, 2011

July 18th, 2011


A quick show with George Starcher discussing his experience with password cracking using Access Data’s DNA and Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud.  Check out his video tutorials at

CyberSpeak-Forensics and the 4th Amendment

June 26th, 2011


This week on CyberSpeak, a listener alerted me to my faux pas with the names on the Casey Anthony case, the two that testified about computer forensics were Sandy and Kevin (not Steve) and of all things, I called the …

CyberSpeak June 20 2011

June 19th, 2011


This week (OK, this quarter) on CyberSpeak, FTK 4 coming out using Postgres database rather than Oracle. During listener email we discuss if special …

CyberSpeak April 5, 2011 Watch out, Here Comes the Garbage Collector

April 5th, 2011


Interview with Scott Moulton, leading forensic authority on Solid State Drive Forensics

CyberSpeak Jan 16, 2011 - Prefetch Yourself

January 16th, 2011


FREE 16Gig IPADs for everyone!!! Have I got a deal for you.  Have you experienced a feeling of inadequacy?  Feel like you're not in the "In Crowd"?  When sitting at a Starbucks, on the metro or just lounging around the …

CyberSpeak November 16, 2010

November 16th, 2010


Last show for two weeks. I'm traveling to Bangkok and Singapore.  See you in 2 weeks. Send me Email.

CyberSpeak November 8, 2010

November 7th, 2010


This week we have interview with Kristinn Gudjonsson, developer of Log2TimeLine.  Kristinn gives us an update on what is on the road ahead for Log2TimeLine.  In Listener Email Joe from Northeast Wisconsin Technical …

CyberSpeak November 1, 2010

October 31st, 2010


This week on CyberSpeak we have listener email, an interview with Raphael Bousquet, CTO and Co-Founder of ADF Solutions , Web site of the week is a …

CyberSpeak October 25, 2010

October 24th, 2010


This week on CyberSpeak, I discuss the leak of another 400,000 classified military documents by Wikileaks. I also discuss listener email where we have comments about Mount Image Pro's Virtual Forensic Computer (VCF) and …

CyberSpeak Oct 18, 2010

October 17th, 2010


Hey Gang, we are back.  Thank you for your patience.  Bret and I have both been traveling so much and been so busy but we are back and it feels good.  Now, fire up those email clients and send us emails about what you …

CyberSpeak May 24 2010

May 23rd, 2010



CyberSpeak April 19 2010

April 19th, 2010


In this weeks show we have an interview with NICK FERNEAU, developer of Skypx, a free utility that recovers Skype artifacts from RAM images, a …

CyberSpeak April 4, 2010

April 4th, 2010


Listener Email - Thanks to all for the great feedback on the Internet Predator Tracker interview. Also, Timothy, who clearly does not know us because he started his email "Hello GENTLEMEN".  Just kidding, keep the …

CyberSpeak March 21, 2010

March 22nd, 2010


Ovie's SANS Forensic 408 class is coming up in Nashville, TN on May 3-7. If you're staying at the Marriott be sure you use the CyberSpeak Discount, COINS-OC.Listener Email - Luke sent us a photo showing him listening to …

CyberSpeak February 28, 2010

March 4th, 2010


- Bret talks about his new toys- Ovie flees the country, againNews and CommentaryNew Britain Youth Bureau Gets ConvictionAfter a two year long …

CyberSpeak Febuary 21, 2010

February 22nd, 2010


- Check out our iPhone App on the Apple App Store.Listener Email - Darrell asks how to build your forensics business - Bobby wants to know what …

CyberSpeak February 7, 2010

February 7th, 2010


Listener Email - Aaron sends us to tell about using Stitcher feed - Paul writes to ask how someone without forensics background should go about …

CyberSpeak January 31, 2010

January 31st, 2010


DoD CyberCrime Conference was last week in St Louis MO and was their biggest event ever with over 1100 attendees, 175 presentations and 15 …

CyberSpeak January 24, 2010

January 24th, 2010


This week on CyberSpeak, Bret or Ovie are both regretful that they are not going to the DoD CyberCrime Conference. CyberSpeak is not on STITCHER. …

CyberSpeak January 17, 2010

January 17th, 2010


Listener Email - PGP released PGP10 with one license for all operating systems - Expunging data vs destruction of data - Reaction of the industry to …

CyberSpeak January 3, 2010

January 2nd, 2010


Thanks for all the Decaf feedbackNews and CommentaryDigital Forensic Research ChallengeResults are in from the DFRWS Forensics challenge. This year …

CyberSpeak December 20, 2009

December 20th, 2009


Listener Email- Lots of email this week regarding the DECAF product and Interview- Ovie is not against transparency, just wants responsible disclosureExclusive InterviewMichael, one of the creators and developers of …

CyberSpeak December 13, 2009

December 13th, 2009


Only 9 shopping days until Christmas!!. In today's show Ovie lets slip details from his latest incident response job, Bret interviews Simson Garfinkel, and lots of great forensics talk. And at the end, Ovie tells you …

CyberSpeak December 6, 2009

December 6th, 2009


Show Notes for December 6th 2009, we have a great show for you today.
Today we have an interview with Brian Karney the COO of AccessData.  Brian talks with us about FTK 3.0 and support for Helix. Ovie …

CyberSpeak November 29, 2009

December 1st, 2009


CYBERSPEAK Notes - November 29, 2009
This week in Listener Email, we talk about an alternative way our friends in DOD can listen to the show - Just call (510) 495-6339 and you will hear the latest podcast …

CyberSpeak November 14th 2009

November 15th, 2009


Welcome to CyberSpeak, your computer forensics, computer security, and computer crime podcast.  I am Ovie Carroll, and I am Bret Padres, today is …

Cyber Speak November 7, 2009

November 8th, 2009


Today on Cyberspeak we have an interview with Matt Shannon from f-Response about the new, soon to be released Tactical edition of f-Response. Ovieâs …

CyberSpeak Nov 1, 2009

November 1st, 2009


Today Ovie and Bret talk about SANS What Works in Incident Detection, SSD Drives, Data Breach Notification Laws, Rob Lee in Computer World, Tips for …

CyberSpeak Oct 25 2009

October 25th, 2009


We're BAAAACCCKKK! After a summer hiatus we are back in the studio again. Catch up on what we have been doing while we were gone, why Bret did this podcast in the nude, how Bret used F-Response to boot a LiveView …

Cyber Speak Aug 2009 - The Podcast from the Grave!!

September 7th, 2009


Our live show from SANS What works in Incident Response and Forensics 2009 if here!!!   Lost in a freak Snow Leopard accident involving several rolls …

CyberSpeak July 3, 2009

July 3rd, 2009


BACK!!!Bret and Ovie discuss SANS What Works in Forensics and Incident Response Summit 2009, Drive Hell, Firefox 3.5, U.S. Supreme Court ruling on …

CyberSpeak April 23, 2009-Caffeine Induced

April 26th, 2009


This week on CyberSpeak,
Autographed Washington Wizards Basketball for sale to support charity
Samaritans Feet,, SANS Forensic Summit Discount

CyberSpeak March 22, 2009

March 22nd, 2009


Welcome to CyberSpeak, your computer forensics, computer security, and computer crime podcast.  I am Ovie Carroll, and I am Bret Padres, today is …

CyberSpeak March 15, 2009

March 15th, 2009


Show notes for March 15, 2009Welcome back CyberSpeak, your computer forensics, computer security, and computer crime podcast.  I am Ovie Carroll, and …

CyberSpeak March 1 2009

March 2nd, 2009


Welcome back to CyberSpeak. Bret and Ovie are back in the country. This show we have an interview with the developers of Highlighter, a new log …

CyberSpeak January 4 2009

December 31st, 2008


Show notes for January 4, 2009  Administrative  Ovie got a new editing setup for Christmas and his new years resolution is to stop posting …

Repost Dec 21 Show to fix audio levels

December 27th, 2008


This is a reposting of the Dec 21, 2008 show to fix the audio levels. Many thanks to George Starcher!!! Ovie goofed up the levels.

CyberSpeak November 16, 2008

November 15th, 2008


"Dude, where's my Podcast?!"Today Bret and Ovie talk to Matthew Shannon from F-Response!  We discuss a ruling on 4th Amendment Search with Hashsets. 

CyberSpeak Oct 20, 2008

October 25th, 2008


This week Ovie and Bret talk about the SANS What Works in Forensics and Incident Response Summit.  We also cover memory imaging with MDD and …

CyberSpeak September 28, 2008

September 28th, 2008


Today, Kevin Mandia is on the show talking about the State of the Incident Response, CyberSpeak Listeners get big discount to SANS Forensic Summit (CODE: Cyberspeak10), Ovie and Bret discuss listener email, PC …

CyberSpeak September 6 2008

September 7th, 2008


This week, Bret and Ovie talk with Jesse Kornblum about...Fun tricks with computer memory.  In listener email we hear about a 2 year old April Fools …

CyberSpeak August 3, 2008

August 2nd, 2008


Today Ovie and Bret clean out the mail bag! We talk about free forensic tools, the stimulus check, Gadget Track, bypassing the BIOS, imaging RAM and

CyberSpeak July 19, 2008

July 19th, 2008


Bret and Ovie are back! (Yeah, Bret and Ovie - Not Ovie and Bret) :)
Today they talk about low cost forensic imaging, hacking the London Tube, American Boat Co v. Unknown Sunken Barget I & II, …

CyberSpeak June 28, 2008

June 29th, 2008


week we discuss Brets new Kendle, Ovieâs new neat receipts and givce a
secret to listen to podcasts twice as fast as before.   The episode focused on forensic news and legal decisions …

CyberSpeak June 15, 2008

June 20th, 2008


This is a repost to fix bad audio file.

Happy Fathers Day!  This week we discuss Brets new Kendle, Ovieâs new neat receipts and givce a secret to listen to podcasts twice as fast as before.   The episode …


June 1st, 2008


Memorial Day Posdcast and interview tih Mark McKinnon from Red Wolf Computer Forensics about his CSC Parser.  It can be downloaded from here

CyberSpeak May 10 2008

May 12th, 2008


This week, Bret and Ovie interview Al Lewis from Subrosasoft about the Mac Lockpick. We discuss the new Mac lockpick …

CyberSpeak April 27 2008

April 27th, 2008


This week, Ovie's back from SANS, Bret's on his way back to Kuwait. This week Ovie and Bret answer some great listener email.  Imaging an Apple XRaid, Google getting into the game of image recognition to help identify …

CyberSpeak April 13, 2008

April 13th, 2008


Bret and Ovie discuss Didier's email and the possibility of web browser prefetching links in an FBI sting operation. Michael helps clarify the OLD …

CyberSpeak March 16 2008

March 24th, 2008


This week Ovie talks about Samaritans Feet in South East DC, calendar syncing problems, Plaxo suggested by two listeners. A programming mistake leads to a G-Archiver reveationâand 1700 other peopleâs passwords. Ovie …

CyberSpeak March 8, 2008

March 10th, 2008


Today Bret and Ovie talk with Dr. Simson Garfinkel about the Advanced Forensic Format (AFF). We also cover listener feedback and a Judge raps forensic expert for delaying child-porn cases.

Cyberspeak Feb 10, 2008

February 10th, 2008


This week on Cyberspeak, Ovieâs Invisible Shield came in for his blackberry and he loves it. We discuss US v Boucher and the Fifth Amendment …

CyberSpeak January 14, 2008

January 15th, 2008


Happy New Year...Today Bret and Ovie talk about 2008 Predictions.  We also talk about Bret breaking his IPhone, Black Hat DC, Mac World 2008, …

CyberSpeak November 12 2007

November 11th, 2007


This week we show you how you can donate a laptop to a child in an under privileged country and get 12 months free -Mobile WiFi hotspot access, apple will not take your cash, apple is so secure they are turning off …

CyberSpeak 15 October 2007

October 14th, 2007


This week on CyberSpeak we discuss the Techno Forensics Conference Oct 29-31, Guidance Softwareâs policy on replacing dongles, Vista Recycle bin …

CyberSpeak 30 September 2007

October 2nd, 2007


This week apple deals another blow to their sorry customers, Bret still loves Steve Jobs, Kevin Manson donates a laptop and Jushu Technology, a …

CyberSpeak 23 Sep 2007

September 23rd, 2007


We are back!!!  Thanks to all that wrote in concerned about our wellbeing.  Todays show we discuss listener email, ABC News report on how Dateline …

CyberSpeak 16 September 2007

September 16th, 2007


Wow... Bet you didn't think it was ever going to happen... Its here... Thanks Geoff for getting this out... I am posting this from my hotel room in Texas.. Thanks again to everyone …

CyberSpeak 29 Jul 2007

July 30th, 2007


Show notes will follow.  We are off to Defcon!!

CyberSpeak July 22, 2007

July 22nd, 2007


Today Ovie talks with Didier Stevens about is UserAssist registry parser.  Also, Bret and Ovie talk about the IPHONE!  In addition they talk about Deep Freeze, Vista Forensics, HogFly's blog forensic blog, NAMBLA …

CyberSpeak July 1, 2007

July 13th, 2007

50:32's here...the July 1st show!!!  Technical problems plagued this it is here.Ovie and Bret talk about lots of stuff.

Cyberspeak June 24, 2007

June 25th, 2007


This weeks show Bret and Ovie discuss the Pentagonâs Confirmation of Hacked Email System , an e-mail scam that includes a Hit-Man Threat, and …

Cyberspeak June 17, 2007

June 17th, 2007


In todayâs show, Ovie and Bret discuss listener email, discuss hard drive write blocks and imaging devices, sleuthkit V2.09 is out, Safari for Windows

Cyberspeak June 10 2007

June 12th, 2007


Listener email, an interview with Paul Ohm, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Law School about his friends of the court brief. New cell …

CyberSpeak May 20, 2007

May 20th, 2007


In todays show Bret talks about selling his Vette on CraigsList. Ovie wins the lottery (ok he didn't). We get some great listener analogies. Ovie and Bret bust the hard drive wiping myth. New Vista attacks, man …

CyberSpeak May 13, 2007

May 13th, 2007


Today we have an interview of Russell Yawn,Chief Investigator, Office of Prosecutorial Services for the State of Alabama and panel mamber for the National Computer Forensics Institute. Also, check out Mount image Pro's …

CyberSpeak April 29, 2007

April 29th, 2007


Man!!!Busy week...Show notes may not make it...But at least the show got posted!!!

CyberSpeak April 22, 2007

April 22nd, 2007


Bret and Ovie talk to Jesse Kornblum, Pricipal Computer Forensic Engineer, ManTech International, about Ovie talks about analogies (tastes like butter.)  Listener email.  If you have a question for …

CyberSpeak April 15, 2007

April 15th, 2007


Ovie is in the dog house, Bret lets listeners off on the April Fools Joke -- Forensicator Pro --Gotcha!!!  Vonage gets a reprieve and can still …

CyberSpeak April 1, 2007

April 1st, 2007


Today Bret and Ovie talk with Kevin Smith from LTU Technologies about Image-Seeker.  They also talk about listener email,, …

CyberSpeak March 25, 2007

March 25th, 2007


Our first Live Show at ShmooCon2007!!!Lots of interviews on the floor of the show...

CyberSpeak March 18, 2007

March 18th, 2007


Today Bret and Ovie talk with Tony Hogeveen, Sales Director for Deepspar Data Recovery Systems.  Bret and Ovie also talk about the Linksys CIT-400, the Jawbone bluetooth headset (hey what kinda show is this anyway),

CyberSpeak March 12, 2007

March 11th, 2007


Ovie flys solo today. On todays show Bret and Ovie interview Trevor Fairchild. Complete show notes as soon as Ovie gets around to it.

CyberSpeak March 4, 2007

March 4th, 2007


Technical problems on my end have prevented us from recording the show this week. We should be back up and running for next weeks show. In the mean …

CyberSpeak February 25, 2007

February 26th, 2007


Today Ovie and Bret talk with Mark Menz from MyKey Technology Inc.  We also drop in on Jeff Moss as he prepares for Black Hat Federal.In the interest …

CyberSpeak February 18, 2007

February 20th, 2007


Today, in an extended show, Bret and Ovie talk with Phil Zimmermann, creator of PGP encryption software.  Phil talks about his new Zfone project.  Bret and Ovie also talk about a UK teacher who is fired for showing porn …

CyberSpeak February 11, 2007

February 11th, 2007


Today we talk with Scott Moulton from Forensic Strategy Services.  Scott talks about advanced hard drive recovery topics.  In addition, Bret and Ovie …

CyberSpeak January 28, 2007

January 28th, 2007


Ovie is back!!  Today Ovie and Bret talk with Jesse Kornblum, Principal Computer Forensics Engineer at ManTech about his Buffalo paper on memory analysis.  Also they talk about listener email, fletc legal division …

CyberSpeak January 17, 2007

January 17th, 2007


Today Bret talks with Chad McMillan, Principal Security Engineer and Mandiant.  Chad talks about his new entropy tool for malware detection.  Bret …

CyberSpeak January 7, 2006

January 7th, 2007


Today, Bret talks with Jamie Butler, Principal Software Engineer at Mandiant.  Jamie is the co-author of Rootkits: Subverting the Windows Kernel.  He …

CyberSpeak December 31, 2006

December 31st, 2006


Last show of 2006!!  Today on a short show, Bret talks about Sony's settlement with seveal states, January 2007 is the month of Apple Security Bugs, Vista exploits selling for 50K, congressional aid caught trying to get …

CyberSpeak December 17, 2006

December 18th, 2006


On this festive pre-Christmas show Bret talks with Mike Younger and Geoff Michelli.  They talk about a Skype lie detector, mac changing utility, anonymous surfing websites, a pop3 aggrigator, secure notepad, the VA Army …

CyberSpeak December 10, 2006

December 10th, 2006


Today Bret has Mike Younger on the show.  Bret and Mike talk about spam statistics, IT background checks, Blackberry forensics, gmail mail fetcher,, and

CyberSpeak December 3, 2006

December 3rd, 2006


Today Bret talks with Brian Dykstra, CIO and Director of Education at Mandiant, about the ediscovery rule changes.  Bret also talks about virtual …

CyberSpeak November 26, 2006

November 26th, 2006


Today we have a short Thanksgving weekend show. Bret talks about a Mac remote control program called iForgot, a decision by the Florida Supreme …

CyberSpeak November 19, 2006

November 19th, 2006


This show we interview Kris Kendall, Principal Consultant for Mandiant.  He talks about unpacking binaries when conducting malware analysis.   Bret …

CyberSpeak November 12, 2006

November 11th, 2006


Today Bret talks with Jesse Kornblum, Principle Computer Forensics Engineer for ManTech's Computer Forensics and Intrusion Analysis Division, about his paper, Eploiting the Rootkit Paradox with Windows Memory Analysis. …

CyberSpeak October 29, 2006

October 29th, 2006


This short show we talk about upcoming interviews and some behind the scenes info from CyberSpeak.  Also checkout and

CyberSpeak October 15, 2006

October 17th, 2006


Today Mike and Bret talk about listener feedback, google fully adopting Writly, Tchnalign releases linux based computer forensics system, Purdue …

CyberSpeak October 8, 2006

October 8th, 2006


Today we have an interview with Tom Gallagher, Microsoft Office Security Test Team Lead about his new book Hunting Security Bugs.  Tom tells an interesting story about how Microsoft almost balked at allowing some of the …

CyberSpeak September 24, 2006

September 24th, 2006


Today Bret talks about listener experiences with LiveView (Harlan Carvey posted his experiences here and Richard Betlich posted here),  the Techno …

CyberSpeak September 17, 2006

September 18th, 2006


Today Bret and Mike talk about Forensic Imaging issues.  We also discuss a man who reprograms an ATM, free forensics training, child porn found after 911 call, liveview, how to create a context menu to print …

CyberSpeak September 3, 2006 (Repeat)

September 6th, 2006


This is a repeat of the September 3rd posting. There was a problem with the file being posted. If you have the September 3rd edition of the show with the Keith Jones interview you can delete this one.

CyberSpeak August 27, 2006

August 27th, 2006


Back from vacation.  This week we talk with Special Agent David Farquhar from the Federal Bureau of Investigations about his recent successful botnet

CyberSpeak August 13, 2006

August 13th, 2006


This show we have a special guest Richard Bejtlich, founder of TAO Security, who talks about his security blog and his book Real Digital Forensics (see link on cyberspeak page).  Bret has a short show this week, Ovie is …

CyberSpeak August 10, 2006

August 10th, 2006


This show we interview Brian Contos, Chief Security Officer for ArcSight.  He talks about his new book Insider Threat: Enemy at the Watercooler.  …

CyberSpeak July 30, 2006

July 30th, 2006


This episode we have an exclusive talk with Jesse Kornblum about his new SSDeep tool for piecewise fuzzy hashing!!  This is a revolutionary way to …

CyberSpeak July 18, 2006

July 18th, 2006


This show we speak with the Dark Tangent about changes this year for DEF CON and BlackHat. Also in this episode we discuss the UBS Painwebber …

CyberSpeak July 9, 2006

July 11th, 2006


Today we send Ovie overseas and talk with Johnny Long.  Johnny talks about his upcoming talks at Blackhat and DEFCON this year.  We also cover how to detect if you are being spied on by the NSA, the VA gets it laptop …

CyberSpeak June 17, 2006

June 18th, 2006


We have Mr Younger back in the studio!  Bret gives out link to free MANDIANT webinar on database intrusions.  We talk about Microsoft updates, theft …

CyberSpeak June 10, 2006

June 11th, 2006


Bret discusses his quad-monitor display unit, Wal-Mart is a chick magnet, Mercury's Free Evidence Mover, Nic Harbor updating DCFLDD.  A story about …

CyberSpeak June 3, 2006

June 6th, 2006


This show we have a great inteview with Jesse Kornblum about memory analysis.  We also talk with Steve Bunting about LogParser 2.2 from Microsoft.  Ovie and Bret recite an Apple cartoon.

CyberSpeak May 29, 2006

May 29th, 2006


This show we have Mike Younger in the studio.  We talk with Mike about stuff.  Mike talks about stuff.  And then we talked about more stuff.

CyberSpeak May 21, 2006

May 22nd, 2006


This week we have Mike Younger drop in on us.   We talk about Microsoft patch Tuesday, MAC vulnerabilities, Pentagon is hacked, Football player beats …

CyberSpeak May 13, 2006

May 13th, 2006


The episode we talk with Steve Bunting about his new ENCE Study Guide.  We also talk about the UK hacker Gary McKinnon, Microsoft Live Answers, and Valley Schwag for $15 a month. Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, …

CyberSpeak May 6, 2006 FINALLY!

May 7th, 2006


Sorry about the slip of a week, but we are now back on track.  We talk to Mark Rache columnist for Security Focus and Senior Vice President and Chief …

CyberSpeak Apr 22, 2006

April 23rd, 2006


In this show we interview Jaime Florence from MicroForensics about Mercury, a new forensic text indexing product.  We also talk about the DOJ's initiative to fight child porn, Opera version 9 Beta, Texas Governor Issued …

CyberSpeak April 15

April 17th, 2006


In this show we discuss recent computer crime news, Micro Forensicâs
Mercury indexing software, upcoming conferences and more.

CyberSpeak April 8th

April 12th, 2006


In this short show we talk about some Microsoft initiatives,
shared access, deciphering information in the Windows/prefetch directory,,  Weâve been

CyberSpeak Apr 1, 2006

April 1st, 2006


In this show we interview Harlan Carvey author of the Forensic Server Project. Also we talk about SansFire 2006, CyberSpeak is good for CISSP credits, piggybacking wireless, and cute overload.

CyberSpeak Mar 25, 2006

March 25th, 2006


In this show we give a walkthrough of MANDIANT's First Response tool. We also talk about Microsoft creating C# for the Mac, Firefox 2 Alpha 1, spray …

CyberSpeak Mar 18, 2006

March 18th, 2006


In this show we play the second part of our interview with Kris Kendal from Mandiant about malware analysis. Also we talk about the FBIs new …

CyberSpeak Mar 11, 2006

March 12th, 2006


This show Bret announces his marriage to Jill, we talk to forensic equipment manufactures at FOSE; James Wiebe from about 2 new devices, a CD/DVD automated imaging device and a new SCSI to fire wire 400 …

CyberSpeak Mar 4, 2006

March 4th, 2006


This show we talk to Dave Merkel, Vice President of Products at MANDIANT. He talks about the release of their First Response tool for incident …

CyberSpeak Feb 25, 2006

February 25th, 2006


This week part one of our talk with Kris Kendall from Mandiant about malware analysis. Also Mike Younger from Stroz Friedberg, LLC joins us for a chat. We cover a question about USC 2703, how to build a keylogger, and …

CyberSpeak Feb 18, 2006

February 18th, 2006


In this show we interview Bruce Potter founder of the Shmoo Group, a non-profit think-tank of computer security professionals. We also talk about Max OS X viruses, interview with a botmaster, indictment of a botmaster, …

CyberSpeak Feb 11, 2006

February 11th, 2006


In this show we talk again to Mr Jesse Kornblum. Also we discuss slipstreaming, dynamic drive partitioning, caffeine naps, and Google Desktop Beta 3. Bret and Ovie talk a little about their backgrounds. This show is …

CyberSpeak Feb 4, 2006

February 4th, 2006


This week we talk with Brian Carrier, author of File System Forensic Analysis. Also we dicuss NTFS performance, TOR FTK, and the TI-99/4a.

CyberSpeak Jan 28, 2006

January 28th, 2006


In this episode we interview President of Red Cliff Consulting, Mr. Kevin Mandia, about trends in incident response. Also we talk about the windows …

CyberSpeak Jan 21 2006

January 21st, 2006


This show features an interview with Johnny Long. Johnny talks about his work with GoogleHacking and his new book OS X for Hackers at Heart. Also …

CyberSpeak Special Vulnerability Report

January 18th, 2006


Microsoft Windows Silent Adhoc Network Advertisement Vulnerability. Last weekend Simple Nomad, hacker and security researcher, announced a new …

Jan 14 2006 CyberSpeak

January 14th, 2006


This show features how to run other operating systems on your PC, Windows Password Reset, Pinball, Core Force Firewall, ZoHo Writer, Senuti, Windows …

Jan 7 2006 CyberSpeak

January 7th, 2006


This show features an interview with Helix creator, Mr. Drew Fahey. Also, new OpenOffice portable applications, what's a zero day, student arrested for recommending the F5 key and listener email.

CyberSpeak December 31, 2005

December 31st, 2005


This podcast features an interview with Mr. Jesse Kornblum about his work with open source forensic tools. Also in this episode man says he is a …

CyberSpeak December 23, 2005

December 24th, 2005


This show covers Guidance Software hack, Hackthissite hack, and child porn offender turns him self in because of worm.

CyberSpeak December 18, 2005

December 18th, 2005


This show covers an update on the Sober worm, a hard drive destruction device, an update on the Best Buy hacker, and an appearance by opensource …

CyberSpeak December 09, 2005

December 14th, 2005


Two former federal agents speak about comptuer crime, computer security and computer forensics. This show covers USB write blockers, Firefox …

CyberSpeak December 04, 2005

December 14th, 2005


Technology Podcast with computer security, computer crime, and computer forensics topics. Hosted by Ovie Carroll and Bret Padres. Today we talk …

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CyberSpeak December 04, 2005
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