Thank You 2014!

Dear Friends,

PVC Security’s 2014 review must begin thusly:

We began. Paul had an idea he tweeted to Ed. Ed agreed. Tim volunteered to help.
And thus a podcast, without question the greatest podcast human kind has ever produced or experienced about leadership and security and poorly sang TV theme songs made by a guy in Tennessee, a guy in Carolina (South), and a guy in Detroit, was born.
It is safe to say that we’re still figuring things out. We’ve had gaps in our schedule. Ed has a potty mouth. We’ve had guests. We talked about leadership and security and a lot of things. We sang. We apologized for our singing. Tim failed to answer the most basic of baseball questions. We kept going.
Most importantly, we had fun.
We want people to listen, enjoy, and maybe learn from the podcast. But that is not why we do it. We do the podcast for ourselves. If we enjoy recording it, if we enjoy listening to it, and if we’re proud of it – then we’re going to keep doing it.
That is both a threat and a promise. Your mileage may vary.
We want to thank Bob Rudis and Alex Pinto for joining us on two and one episodes, respectively. Thanks to our prospective guests who’s schedules delayed their participation.
And thanks to you, the listener!
Happy 2015, Dear Friends!